Friday, 22 July 2011

Display and Demonstration of Bamboo leaf paper making workshop in Hul Utsav of Balipara,Santiniketan

Display and Demonstration of Bamboo Leaf Paper Making in Hul Utsav of Balipara,Santiniketan,by the workshop participants of Fuldanga and Pearson Palli,Santiniketan,
Installation of the Bamboo construction for sharing the process and experience of Bamboo leaf paper making in Fuldanga and pearson palli,Santiniketan in Balipara Hul Prangan inside Visva Bharati campuss ,Santiniketan

Visitors in the Hul Utsav trying out paper making from leaf

Baidyanath sharing the process of paper making with residents from Santiniketan

Faculty and students from kala Bhavana participating in the paper making process in the Hul Utsav

Baidyantha setting up the bamboo paper with water mark for projection of the vedio of the workshop process


Monday, 4 July 2011

Procession in the Hul Utsav with Watermarked Lamp Shades from Fuldanga Village

Procession in the Hul Utsav with Watermarked Lamp Shades from Fuldanga village,Santiniketan on 30th June,2011
Hul Dibash now popularly called Hul Utsav is celebrated to comemorate the death anniversary of Shidhu and Kanhu who were killed during the Santal Bidroho in 1875 agaist the East India Company from England who were the colonial rulers of India. Images of the Processions with Lamp shades with Watermarks in Hul Utsav

Installation of the Lamp shades with Umbrella inside the Festival Ground

Young Santal from Fuldanga with his Lamp shade in the Hul Utsav Ground in Vidyadhar pur,Kopai

Projection of the bamboo paper making workshop and other documents from Fuldanga inside the main field area of Hul Utsav in Vidyadharpur,Kopai,Birbhum

Projection of the workshop activities on paper screen made from Bamboo leaves in Hul Utsav,Vidyadharour,Kopai,Birbhum

View of the watermarks on the Bamboo leaf paper screen during the time of the Projection
People gathered in the Hul Utsav watching the projection on the Bamboo leaf paper screen
Lamp shades made of Bamboo leaf papers being installed around the main centre with the images of Sidhu and Kanhu the two legendary heroes of Santal revolution in 1857
Members of Fuldanga Village who participated in the Hul Utsav procession with the Bamboo paper leaf Lamp shades in front of the main gate of the Hul Utsav Field